1970 Aston Martin DB6 MkII Vantage Coupe

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1 of only 62 Cars Ever Produced.

The final production series for the DB6 being the “Mk II” was the swan song of the DB variants produced by Newport Pagnell. The specification shared many parts with the DBS such as the wheels and tyres, hubs and seats so as to help to minimise costs, the wider tyres are accommodated by slight flares over the wheel arches. The DB6 differed from its predecessors in having a longer wheelbase which, at 8' 5¾", was 3¾" longer than that of the DB5. This meant more room for rear passengers, which made the DB6 more of a family man's car and helped it sell better than the earlier models in the series.

Restoration Project by Aston Martin Works Service, Newport Pagnell

With a car that is approaching 43 years old a great deal of care must be exercised whilst dismantling it, particularly as some parts are hard to replace. The intention of this restoration was to fully restore the car to a ‘better than new factory finish’, but also to make improvements to enhance its usability in modern traffic conditions. The knowledge of the past is used for the benefit of the future- both are brought together to enhance the ownership of a classic Aston Martin.

Before the car was stripped a detailed inspection was carried out. It was important to understand from the outset the overall condition and maintenance regime of the vehicle before work commences.

The restoration was completed using modern techniques and materials available. This includes the chassis undergoing a powder coating process to better protect the metal surface. New aluminium body panels were hand formed and attached to the chassis using original methods as required. Modern paint processes were used to give a durable high gloss finish. The interior was re-trimmed. Finally, the car was ready to be ‘built up’ using new and refurbished parts.

A prime consideration was to bring the Aston Martin up to a level in keeping with the ‘Car for Life’ programme undertaken by Aston Martin Works Service, by using the knowledge of the past with the benefits of the future which takes the pleasurable drive to an even higher standard; thus the owner of the vehicle will benefit by enjoying the most comfortable, reliable, enjoyable and of course, exhilarating driving experience. Their philosophy whilst undertaking the restoration was to bring the vehicle up to the highest standards whilst lengthening its life and above all, maintaining the originality of the vehicle.

The total restoration consisted of:

  • Body, Paint and Chassis
  • Interior Trim
  • Engine, Transmission & Axle
  • Exhaust System
  • Brakes, Suspension & Steering
  • Wheels & Tyres
  • Electrical
  • Commissioning
  • Options, Extras and Unique Features.

Accompanying the car is a highly detailed 45-page restoration document both in words and pictures presenting the time line of works. As you would expect from a near GBP 400,000.00 restoration with upgrades completed by the world-renowned Aston Martin Works Service; our DBMk2 Vantage Coupe is truly sensational and could only be appreciated by a personal inspection.

This magnificent motorcar is now available our central London showrooms for appraisal.


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