1966 Ferrari 330 P4 Recreation

Ferrari introduced the mid-engined 330 P4 in 1966, as a renowned V12 endurance race car.

Only four Ferrari P4-engined cars were ever made: one P3/4 and three 330 P4's. 

Due to the great fame, sleek appearance and absolute rarity of the  original design, most of us can only aspire simply to enjoy a hand-crafted and bespoke recreation P4 as presented here by Sports Classics London. 

Our rare and beautiful 330 P4 Spyder was constructed using highly skilled craftmanship and in most experts opinion, is as near as you can get to the real thing!

We understand that the car was built in Italy using a hand built tubular chassis and bodywork, part aluminium. The final detailing and finishes are exceptionally accurate in many areas including: dashboard, wheels and its long-eared spinners which are a testament to the care and attention that has gone into making this recreation as accurate as possible.

Powered by a V12 Ferrari engine with 4 camshaft specification, 6 twin chocke Weber carburettors and a special five speed rear mounted gearbox. The handmade white powder coated spaghetti exhaust system plays the most sensational V12 soundtrack...  

As you would expect the cars performance is electrifying and truly memorable. With the added benifit of the car being registered here in the UK as a 1966 Ferrari.

A rare and special opportunity to enjoy this sensational P4 recreation which gives the new owner the experience of a Ferrari 330 P4. Without doubt and extremely exhilarating road car and guaranteed to cause a stir wherever it is driven and seen.


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